This blog is far from perfect or professional.

I started this blog as an experiment with my own garden and my experiences with growing in the Utah climate. I am learning a lot along the way and will be documenting my successes and my failures as I go. I originally got into gardening a few years ago, after buying a Zucchini that was $.70. It was small and tasteless. I thought to myself, “Why would I buy a Zucchini when I could grow my own for 1/100th of the price?!” That very spring, I dug a whole in the ground and dropped a seed in. For less than 5 cents I got over 30 Zucchini’s. From there on out, my obsession with saving money, eating organic produce and good food has taken off. I’ve also found gardening to be incredibly peaceful, therapeutic, and beneficial to our health,  by not only by eating the vegetables, but by spending time as a family digging in the soil.

History of the blog name:

I grew up in the north eastern side of Oklahoma. It was filled with big beautiful trees, including Magnolia trees. In 2012 my daughter was born and we named her Magnolia.

We garden in a very small space, about 5 ft by 20 ft and another area that is 7 ft by 15 ft. Expanding more each year. We are currently in a rental.

Here are the gardeners:



155434_10101977301738432_415650177371171318_n Portia, the gardening and writter

10403571_10101936449865912_2936985256800216844_n  strawberries






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